Quart of Blood Anthology

The NovelBlog is proud to present A Quart of Blood, an anthology containing four short stories by Daniel Boucher, Peter Mark May, Jessica Coulter Smith, and Rachelle Gagne. Look for it soon at TheNovelBlog.com!


What horrors truly lie deep in the veins and arteries of our own fragile human bodies: a wolfen strain, alien DNA; what effect do old bio-weapons have on it and is the taste of warm blood in our mouths a forbidden step too far….

Last Train…a commuter oversleeps on the train home from London to find himself in a fog bound village of the dammed.

Dreams by Moonlight…Brianna Phillips comes face to face with the creatures that have invaded her dreams since childhood: now an adult dare she let herself be caught?

Frozen…..Deep in the snowy wastes an ancient corpse is found, could it be alien, or is the danger a human treat after all.

Lunch with Pete…….A business lunch goes bloody as an underdone steak and the red stuff on the tablecloth is not ketchup.


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